Joe Rumore: Christmas Show, 1981

On Christmas Day, 1981, Phillip Rumore decided to set up a video camera and tape his Dad's Christmas Show as he broadcast live to his listeners. Joe had done Christmas shows in the past, however, this Chrismas day, for only the second time in a 42 year career on Birmingham radio, Joe Rumore's show was now visible as well as heard, though at the time, only the Rumore family could see it (the first time was the Christmas Show the year prior.) Prior to this video, the only way to see Joe Rumore while on the air was to be at the studio in person.


For the first time, we are pleased to give a glimpse into what it was like to be in the studio of Joe Rumore, while he was on the air, live. This is from Christmas Day, 1981, 36 days before Joe retired from radio.


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